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PABLMAbstractC00402 U1100 00Calculation of Accumulated Radiation Doses to Man from Radionuclides Found in Food Products and from Radionuclides in the Environment.
PADF-2007AbstractD00259 PCX86 00Proton Activation Data File in ENDF-6 Format.
PADLOCAbstractC00330 U0000 00A One-Dimensional, Time-Dependent Program for Calculating Coolant and Plateout Fission Product Concentrations in a Network of Pipes.
PAGANAbstractC00621 IBMPC 00Code System for Performance Assessment Ground-water Analysis for Low-level Nuclear Waste.
PALLAS-1D(VII)AbstractC00380 FM380 00Multigroup Time-Independent Neutron Transport Code System for Plane or Spherical Geometry.
PALLAS-2DCY-FXAbstractC00391 FM380 00Multigroup Time-Independent Neutron Transport Code System for Plane or Spherical Geometry.
PAPER 1AbstractP00097 C6600 00Monte Carlo Calculation of Solid Angle and Self-Absorption Factors for an Inclined Cylindrical Source Viewed by a Cylindrical Detector.
PAPINAbstractP00156 I0370 00A Code System to Calculate Cross Section Probability Tables, Bondarenko and Transmission Self-Shielding Factors for Fertile Isotopes in the Unresolved Resonance Region.
PARET-ANLAbstractP00516 MNYCP 00Code System to Predict Consequences of Nondestructive Accidents in Research and Test Reactor Cores.
PARET-ANL(NESC)AbstractP00565 MNYCP 00Code System to Predict Consequences of Nondestructive Accidents in Research and Test Reactor Cores.
PART61AbstractC00499 IBMPC 01Low-Level Radioactive Waste Impacts Analysis System.
PARTISN 8.29AbstractC00842 MNYCP 00Time-Dependent, Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code System.
PATCH-7AbstractC00243 C0074 00Three-Dimensional Kernel Integration Code-Explicit Single Scattering Option.
PAVANAbstractC00445 I3033 00Atmospheric Dispersion Code System for Evaluating Accidental Radioactivity Releases from Nuclear Power Stations.
P-CARESAbstractP00538 PC586 00Probabilistic Computer Analysis for Rapid Evaluation of Structures.
PC-BATLEAbstractP00451 IBMPC 00Code System to Calculate Brief Adversary Threat Loss Estimate.
PCC/SRCAbstractP00456 D0VAX 00Code System to Calculate Correlation & Regression Coefficients.
PC-PRAISEAbstractP00391 IBMPC 00Code System for Analysis of Piping Reliability Including Seismic Events.
PEFPYDAbstractD00096 ALLMF 02Aggregate Fission-Product Decay Data Based on ENDF/B-IV and -V.
PEGASAbstractP00336 IBMPC 00Pre-Equilibrium-Equilibrium Gamma-and-Spin Code System.
PELE-1CAbstractP00461 C7600 00Code System for Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis.
PELINOMIC-3AAbstractP00596 I0370 00Power Plant Cost Optimization for Dispersed Load Centers.
PELINSCAAbstractP00168 I0360 00A Code System for Nuclear Elastic and Inelastic Scattering Calculations.
PELSHIEAbstractC00202 C0000 00General Purpose Kernel Integration Shielding Code System-Point and Extended Gamma-Ray Sources.
PELSHIE3AbstractC00202 IBMMF 00General Purpose Kernel Integration Shielding Code System-Point and Extended Gamma-Ray Sources.
PENELOPE2014AbstractC00782 PCX86 01Code System for Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport.
PENELOPE-MPIAbstractC00713 IBMSP 00Code System for Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport.
PENGEOMAbstractC00840 MNYCP 00Tools for Handling Complex Quadric Geometries in Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiation Transport
PEPINAbstractC00285 I0360 00Methodology for Computing Concentrations, Activities, Gamma-Ray Spectra, and Residual Heat from Fission Products.
PEQAG-2AbstractP00293 IPCAT 00A Pre-equilibrium Computer Code With Gamma Emission.
PERSENT 11.2892
AbstractC00823 MNYCP 02Perturbation and Sensitivity Code for Assembly Homogenized Multi-group Transport Problems
PF-COMPAbstractC00106 C3600 00Building Fallout Radiation Protection Factor Analysis.
PFPLAbstractC00607 D0VAX 00Puff-Plume Atmospheric Deposition Model.
PGAA-IAEAAbstractD00234 MNYCP 00Databsae for Prompt Gamma-Ray Neutron Activation Analysis.
AbstractP00432 IBMPC 00Parametric Hazard Function Estimation.
PHITS-2.88AbstractC00778 MNYCP 05Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System.
PHOBIAAbstractD00236 PCX86 00Photon buildup factors to account for angular incidence on shield walls.
PHOEL-2AbstractC00327 I0360 00A Monte Carlo Calculation of Initial Energy of Photoelectrons and Compton Electrons Produced by Photons in Water.
PHOTXAbstractD00136 D0VAX 01Photon Interaction Cross Section Library.
PHOTXAbstractD00136 IBMPC 00Photon Interaction Cross Section Library.
PICAAbstractC00160 D0VAX 00Monte Carlo Medium-Energy Photon-Induced Intranuclear Cascade Anal Code System.
PICAAbstractC00160 I0360 00Monte Carlo Medium-Energy Photon-Induced Intranuclear Cascade Anal Code System.
PICESAbstractP00568 I3033 00Probabilistic Investigation of Capacity and Energy Shortages.
PICFEEAbstractC00175 I3675 00Fission Product Inventory Code System.
PICTUREAbstractP00238 IBMPC 00Combinatorial Geometry Printer Plotting.
PIEDECAbstractC00566 FM380 00A Practical Internal Exposure Dose Evaluation Code.
PIGGAbstractC00138 C3600 00A Multigroup One-Dimensional P-1 Radiation Transport Code System.
PIPEAbstractC00219 I0360 00Numerical Gamma-Ray Transport Code System for Plane/Spherical Geometry.
PIXE2010AbstractD00246 MNYCP 00Proton/alpha Ionization (K, L, M shell), Tabulated Cross Section Library.
PIXSEAbstractP00133 I0360 00A Generator of Multigroup and Multipoint Cross Sections for Thermal Reactor Calculations.
PKIAbstractC00573 C0830 00A Point Kernel Integration Code For Radiation Shielding of Loop System.
PLACIDAbstractC00381 I0370 00Monte Carlo Simulation of Gamma Streaming Through Straight Cylindrical Ducts.
PLASMXAbstractP00106 C6600 00A Multigroup Ionization and Charge Exchange Cross-Section Code System for Neutral Hydrogen Transport in Plasmas.
PLOTENDFAbstractP00214 I3033 00A Program for Producing Graphical Output.
PLOTFBAbstractP00018 I3675 00ENDF/B Data Plotting Code.
PLOTNFITAbstractP00382 IBMPC 00Code System for Data Plotting and Curve Fitting.
PLOT-SAbstractP00552 PC586 00Plotting Program with Special Features for Windows Environment.
PLOTTAB-89.1AbstractP00274 ALLCP 00Plot Continuous Curves or Discrete Points.
PLUDOSAbstractC00313 I0360 00Calculator of Ground Level External Gamma-Ray Dose from a Radioactive Plume.
PLUMEXAbstractC00356 I0360 00A Computer Program to Evaluate External Exposures to a Gaussian Plume by Point Kernel Integration.
PMK2-VVER440-REPORTSAbstractM00012 MNYCP 00Results of the Experiments Performed in the PMK-2 Facility for VVER Safety Studies.
PNAbstractC00818 I0370 00MultiGroup Neutron Transport.
PNESDAbstractD00166 PC386 00Proton Nucleus Elastic Scattering Data.
POINT2015AbstractD00273 MNYCP 00A Temperature-Dependent Linearly Interpolable, Tabulated Cross Section Library Based on ENDF/B
POISSXAbstractC00819 I0370 00Poisson Equation on Rectangle with Various Boundary Conditions.
POLLAAbstractP00208 I3033 00A Fortran Program to Convert R-MATRIX-Type Multilevel Resonance Parameters for Fissile Nuclei into Equivalent KAPUR-PEIERLS-Type Parameters.
POLYRESAbstractP00438 MNYCP 00Richards Equation Solver; Rectangular Finite Volume Flux Updating Solution.
POPLIBAbstractD00012 I0360 03A Compendium of Neutron-Induced Secondary Gamma-Ray Yield and Cross Section Data.
POPOP4AbstractP00011 I3675 00Converter of Gamma-Ray Spectra to Secondary Gamma-Ray Production Cross Sections.
POWERAbstractP00069 C7600 00Source Distribution Input Data Generator for ANISN Code.
PREANGAbstractP00166 C0175 00Calculation of Pre-equilibrium Angular Distributions with the Exciton Model.
PRE-ANISNAbstractP00332 PC386 00A Preprocessing Code for ANISN and Other Radiation Transport Codes.
PRECO2006AbstractP00226 MNYCP 02Exciton Model Code System for Calculating Preequilibrium and Direct Double Differential Cross Sections.
PR-EDBAbstractD00196 IBMPC 03Power Reactor Embrittlement Data Base.
PREDEX-1AbstractP00597 I0370 00U, Pu, Nitric Acid Distribution in Counter Current Solvent Extraction.
PREMAbstractP00224 I0360 00Code System for Pre-equilibrium Process with Multiple Nucleon Emission.
PREMORAbstractC00369 I0360 00A Point Reactor Exposure Code System for Survey Nuclear Analysis of Power Plant Performance.
PREP/SPOPAbstractC00772 MNYCP 00Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis Monte Carlo Program and Input Preparation.
PREPRO2019AbstractP00351 MNYCP 10Pre-Processing Code System for Data in ENDF/B Format.
PRESTAbstractC00355 I0360 00Calculator of Pressure and Temperature Transient in Containment Studies.
PRESTOAbstractC00549 D8810 00Point Kernel Calculation for Complex and Time-Dependent Gamma-Ray Source Spectra.
PRESTO-IIAbstractC00504 I0360 00Code System for Low-Level Waste Environmental Transport and Risk Assessment.
PRIMEDANA-2AbstractC00490 I3081 00Collapses Multigroup Cross Sections and Obtains Reaction Parameters by Solving Transport or Diffusion Equations.
PRISIMAbstractC00574 IBMPC 00Plant Risk Status Information Management System.
PROBAbstractC00287 I0370 00Multigroup One-Dimensional Transport Code System, Collision Probability Method.
PROCIVAbstractC00488 U1110 00A Code System for Calculating the Protection Factors Against Radioactive Fallout for Apartment Buildings.
PSAPACK-4.2AbstractP00613 PCX86 00Probabilistic Safety Analysis with Fault Event Trees.
PSDRECAbstractP00441 DP011 00Code System for Power Spectral Density Recognition Continuous On-line Reactor Surveillance.
PSU-LEOPARD/RBIAbstractC00563 IBMPC 01A Spectrum Dependent Non-Spatial Depletion Code.
PTRANAbstractC00618 PC386 00Proton Monte Carlo Transport Program for the PC.
PUCORAbstractD00067 I3691 0084 Group Neutron Cross Sections for Uranium-Plutonium Cycle LWR and PWR Models in AMPX Master Library Format.
PUDKAbstractD00074 I0360 00Measured Results of Delayed Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectra Due to Thermal-Neutron Fission of Pu239 and Pu241.
PUFF-IVAbstractP00534 MNYCP 01Determination of Multigroup Covariance Matrices from ENDF/B-V Uncertainty Files.
PURSEAbstractC00338 C6600 00A Plutonium Radiation Source Code System.
PUSHLDAbstractC00271 C0074 00Gamma-Ray Three-Dimensional Calculation of Dose Rates from Plutonium in Various Geometries.
PUTZ 2.1AbstractC00595 IBMPC 00A Point-Kernel Photon Shielding Code.
PVCAbstractD00048 I3691 0036 Group, P5, Photon Interaction Cross Sections for 38 Materials in ANISN Format.
PVEAbstractD00126 I3033 0038 Group, P8, Photon Interaction Cross Sections in ANISN Format from VITAMIN-E.
PVIS-4AbstractC00798 MNYCP 00Pressure Vessel Irradiation Source.
PWR-AXBUPRO-GKNAbstractD00209 MNYCP 00Measured Axial Burnup Profiles for NeckarWesthiem PWR Reactors.
PWR-AXBUPRO-SNLAbstractD00201 MNYCP 00Axial Burnup Profile Database for Pressurized Water Reactors.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.