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E3LWRAbstractD00098 C0000 0045 Neutron, 16 Gamma-Ray and 15 Neutron, 5 Gamma-Ray Group LWR Cross Section Libraries Derived from EURLIB-III using the AGRUKO Optimized Collapsing Scheme.
EACRP-D2O-LATTICESAbstractD00264 MNYCP 00Compilation of Reactor Physics Measurements in HWRs Lattices.
EASY-QAD 2.0.1AbstractC00744 PC586 02A Visualization Code System for Gamma and Neutron Shielding Calculations.
ECIS-12AbstractP00612 MNYCP 00Code System to Solve the Coupled Differential Equations Arising in Nuclear Model Calculations.
ECPL82AbstractD00106 ALLCP 00Evaluated Charged-Particle Data Library.
E-DEP-1AbstractC00275 D0VAX 00Heavy Ion Energy Deposition Code System.
EDISTRAbstractP00191 I3033 00Prepares a Nuclear Decay Data Base for Internal Radiation Dosimetry Calculations.
EDITORAbstractP00035 I0360 00Alters Mode, Copies, Merges, Punches, Edits, or Adds to ENDF/B-Formatted Data on Tapes or Cards.
EDMULT 6.4AbstractC00430 MNYCP 02Evaluates Electron Depth-Dose Distributions in Multilayer Slab Absorbers.
EDNAAbstractC00104 I7090 00Electron Dose and Number Analysis Code by Kernel Integration.
EDOAbstractC00489 U1110 00A Code System in Fortran V for the Evaluation of Dose During Normal Operation of a Nuclear Power Plant.
AbstractD00215 PC486 00Electrical Distribution System Functional Inspection Data Base.
EEDBAbstractP00531 MNYCP 00The Energy Economic Data Base.
EFDOSAbstractC00411 I0360 00Calculation of Effective Committed Dose Equivalents by Inhalation of Radioactive Materials Occurring in Routine Atmospheric Releases from Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities.
EGADAbstractC00206 I0360 00Calculation of Dose from External Gamma-Ray Emitters.
EGS4AbstractC00331 MNYCP 00Monte Carlo Simulation of the Coupled Transport of Electrons and Photons.
ELANAbstractP00141 ICL00 00Neutron Cross-Section Self-Shielding Code System.
ELAST2AbstractD00208 MNYCP 00Database of Cross Sections for the Elastic Scattering of Electrons and Positrons by Atoms.
ELBAAbstractC00119 I0360 00Electron and Bremsstrahlung Dose Rate Code.
ELECSPECAbstractD00100 DP010 00Electron Spectra from Decay of Fission Products.
ELEORBITAbstractC00751 PCX86 003-D Simulation of Electron Orbits in Magnetic Multipole Plasma Source.
ELFAbstractC00167 I0360 00Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Code System for Cylinders and Spheres.
ELGATLAbstractC00295 C6600 00Calculation of Energy Spectra from Coupled Electron-Photon Slowing Down.
ELIESE-3AbstractP00003 I0370 00Analyses of Elastic and Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections.
ELPHOAbstractC00301 I0360 00Three-Dimensional Monte Carlo Electromagnetic Transport Code System.
ELTRANAbstractC00155 C3600 00One-Dimensional Monte Carlo Electron Transport Code System.
EMERALDAbstractC00211 I0360 00Calculation of Activity Releases and Potential Doses from a Pressurized Water Reactor Plant.
EMERALD-NORMALAbstractC00250 I0370 00Calculation of Activity Releases and Potential Doses from the Normal Operation of a Pressurized Water Reactor Plant.
EMPIRE-IIAbstractP00497 PC586 01Comprehensive Nuclear Model Code, Nucleons, Ions Induced Cross-Sections.
ENBAL2AbstractP00160 I0370 00A Program to Generate Multigroup Neutron Kerma Factors.
ENDF UTIL. CODESAbstractM00008 MNYCP 00ENDF Checking and Utility Codes.
ENDL82AbstractD00103 ALLCP 00Neutron Library in Transmittal Format.
ENDLIB-97AbstractD00179 MNYCP 01LLNL Libraries of Atomic Data, Electron Data, and Photon Data in Evaluated Nuclear Data Library (ENDL) Type Format.
ENDVER/GUIAbstractP00572 PCX86 00The ENDF File Verification Support Package.
ENEDEPAbstractC00227 GE400 00Energy Deposition Code System for GE 265 Time-Sharing System.
ENLOSSAbstractP00047 C6600 00Calculation of Energy Loss of Charged Particles.
ENSL82-CDRL82AbstractD00110 ALLCP 00Evaluated Nuclear Structure Libraries.
ENTOSANAbstractP00188 C0175 00Code System for Calculating Fine-Group Dosimetry Cross Section Values from ENDF/B Data.
ENTOSANAbstractP00188 D8810 00Code System for Calculating Fine-Group Dosimetry Cross Section Values from ENDF/B Data.
ENTREE 1.4.0AbstractP00519 MNYWS 00BWR Core Simulation System for Space and Time Dependent Coupled Phenomena.
EPICS2014AbstractD00272 MNYCP 00Electron Photon Interaction Cross Sections
EPICS2017AbstractD00272 MNYCP 01Electron Photon Interaction Cross Sections
AbstractP00485 CY000 00Code System for Static and Dynamic Piping System Analysis.
EPRAbstractD00037 I3691 05Coupled 100-Group Neutron 21-Group Gamma-ray Cross Sections for EPR Neutronics.
EPR MASTERAbstractD00052 I3691 00100 Neutron Group Cross Sections in AMPX Master Library Format.
EPRI-CINDERAbstractC00309 C6600 00General Point-Depletion and Fission Product Code System and Four-Group Fission Product Neutron Absorption Chain Data Library Generated from ENDF/B-IV for Thermal Reactors.
EQUIVA-1.1AbstractP00323 IMFPC 00Generation of Environment-Insensitive Equivalent Diffusion Theory Parameters for PWR Reflector Regions.
EQUIVA-2AbstractP00324 IMFPC 00Generation of Environment-Insensitive Equivalent Diffusion Theory Parameters for PWR Reflector Regions.
AbstractC00745 MNYWS 00Modular Code and Data System for Fast Reactor Neutronics Analyses
ERIC-2AbstractP00119 I0360 00Calculator of Resonance Integral and Effective Capture and Fission Cross Sections for Fissile and Non-Fissile Nuclides - Thermal or Fast Reactors.
ERINNIAbstractP00219 I0360 00Optical Model Calculation of Multiple Cascading Particle Emissions.
ERPEXAbstractC00305 C0073 00Monte Carlo Distributions of Energetic Proton Ranges in Silicon.
ERRORJAbstractP00526 MNYCP 03Multigroup Covariance Matrices Generation from ENDF/B-6 Format.
ESDORAAbstractC00183 U1108 00Fission Product Inventory and Gamma-Ray Dose Rate from a Radioactive Cloud System.
ESGAbstractD00065 I0360 0056-Group Cross Section Library Based on VITAMIN-C Generated by Using SPHINX and XSDRNPM to Collapse 171 Groups.
ESPAbstractC00193 I0360 00General Purpose Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Code System.
ESTIMAAbstractP00201 I3033 00A Code System for Calculating Average Parameters from Sets of Resolved Resonance Parameters.
ETHELAbstractP00217 I0360 00Code System for Generating Cross Sections for PSR-128/THERMOS.
ETOE-2AbstractP00585 I3033 00Cross-Sections Library for Program MC**2 Generator from ENDF/B.
ETRANAbstractC00107 I0360 00Monte Carlo Code System for Electron and Photon Through Extended Media.
EURCYLAbstractP00076 I0370 00Finite Element Three-Dimensional Mesh Generator for Cylinder - Cylinder Intersections.
EURLIB-IIIAbstractD00035 I0360 01100 Neutron, 20 Gamma-Ray Group Cross Section Library for Use in the European Shielding Benchmark Program.
EVALPLOTAbstractP00211 I3081 00A Program to Plot Data in the Evaluated Nuclear Data File/Version B Format.
EVAPAbstractP00010 I0360 00Calculation of Particle Evaporation from Excited Compound Nuclei.
EVNTREAbstractP00465 D0VAX 00Code System for Event Progression Analysis for PRA.
EXCURS-3-RRAbstractP00586 D0VAX 00Kinetics of Research Reactor Reactivity Transient Analysis.
EXIFON2.0AbstractP00305 IPCXT 01A Model for Statistical Multistep Direct and Multistep Compound Reactions.
EXPALSAbstractC00787 C7600 00Least Square Fit of Linear Combination of Exponential Decay Function.
EXPRESSAbstractC00622 MNYCP 00Exact Preparedness Supporting System.
EXTREMEAbstractC00440 I3033 00Two-Dimensional Discrete-Ordinates Code System with Exponential Expansion of Spatial Variables.
EZVIDEOAbstractP00237 IBMPC 00Graphics Routines for the IBM PC.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.