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Package NameAbstractRSICC TapelistTitle
ICARAbstractP00291 IPCAT 00A Code For Combinatorial Calculation of Level Densities.
ICOMAbstractC00651 PC386 00Code System for Calculating Ion Track Condensed Collision Model.
IDCAbstractC00384 I0360 00ICRP Dosimetric Calculational System.
IEAF-2001AbstractD00217 MNYCP 00Intermediate Energy Activation File - 2001.
IERAbstractP00024 I3675 00A Gauss-based Quadrature Formula Applied to Sievert's Integral. An Exponential Integral Routine.
IMPACTS-BRC2.1AbstractC00666 IBMPC 00Code System for Analysis of Potential Radiological Impacts.
IMPORTANCEAbstractP00407 I0370 00FTA Basic Event & Cut Set Ranking.
INAPAbstractC00235 U1108 00Improved Neutron Activation Prediction Code Systems.
INDOSAbstractC00236 DP010 00Conversational Computer Code Systems to Implement ICRP-10-10A Models for Estimation of Internal Radiation Dose to Man.
INDOSE V2.1.1AbstractC00720 PC586 00Internal Dosimetry Code System Using Biokinetics Models
INDRAAbstractC00303 I0360 00A Modular System for Calculating the Neutronics and Photonics Characteristics of a Fusion Reactor Blanket.
INFLTBAbstractP00313 ALLCP 00Gamma-Ray Absorption Coefficient Calculation.
INGDOSAbstractC00408 DP010 00A Conversational Code System Designed to Implement NRC Reg-Guide 1.109 Models for Estimation of Annual Doses from Ingestion of Atmospherically Released Radionuclides in Foods.
INGENAbstractP00207 C0000 00A General-Purpose Mesh Generator for Finite Element Codes.
INREM IIAbstractC00392 I3033 00Computer Implementation of Recent Models for Estimating the Dose Equivalent to Organs of Man from an Inhaled or Ingested Radionuclide.
INREM/EXREMAbstractC00185 I0360 00Beta and Gamma Radiation Environmental Dose Code Systems.
INTERTRAN IAbstractC00473 ALLMF 00A Code System for Assessing the Impact from Transporting Radioactive Material.
INTRIGUE-IIAbstractP00054 I0360 00Logarithmic and Semilogarithmic CALCOMP Plot Routines.
INTRUDE-ANSAbstractC00539 D8810 00A Repository Intrusion Risk Evaluation Code.
INVENTAbstractC00540 D8810 00A Radionuclide Inventory and Hazard Index Code.
IODESAbstractC00365 I0360 00A Code System for Calculating the Estimation of Dose to the World Population from Releases of Iodine-129 to the Environment.
IONMIGAbstractC00526 ALLMF 00Code System for Radionuclide Migration Calculations.
IRAN-LIBAbstractD00159 IBMPC 00A P-3 Coupled Neutron-Gamma Cross Section Library in ISOTXS For Use with ANISN/PC (CCC-514).
IRDAMAbstractC00524 IPCXT 00Interactive Rapid Dose Assessment Model.
IRDF-2002AbstractD00229 MNYCP 01The International Reactor Dosimetry File.
IRDF82AbstractD00094 I0360 00The International Reactor Dosimetry File.
IRDF-90AbstractD00161 ALLCP 01The International Reactor Dosimetry File.
I-R-MANAbstractD00050 ALLCP 00Photon Interaction Data on ICRP Reference Man.
IRPHE-VENUS-RECYCLEAbstractD00263 MNYCP 00Plutonium Recycling Physics Project Critical Experiments.
IRRAS 4.16AbstractP00386 IBMPC 04Code System to Calculate Integrated Reliability and Risk Analysis.
ISOGEN IIAbstractC00055 I3675 00Radioisotope Generator Code.
ISO-PC 2.1AbstractC00636 IBMPC 01Kernel Integration Code System for General Purpose Isotope Shielding Analyses.
ITER-2AbstractP00148 C0000 00Codes for Unfolding Activation Detector Data and Pulse Height Spectra.
AbstractC00792 PCX86 00Integrated TIGER Series of Coupled Electron/Photon Monte Carlo Transport Codes System.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.