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Packages with Keyword: RADIONUCLIDES
Package NameAbstractRSICC TapelistTitle
AIRGAMMAAbstractC00567 FM380 00A Program For The Calculation Of External Exposure To Gamma Rays From A Radioactive Cloud.
AKTIVAbstractC00339 I0360 00An Evaluation of Activity, Afterheat and Biological Hazard Potential of Stainless Steel Structures in Fusion Reactor Blankets.
ANITA-2000AbstractC00693 MNYCP 00Analysis of Neutron Induced Transmutation and Activation.
ANITA-4AbstractC00606 MNYCP 01Analysis of Neutron Induced Transmutation and Activation.
AREACAbstractC00438 I3033 00Radiological Emission Analysis Code System.
ARRRGAbstractC00404 U1100 00Calculation of Radiation Dose to Man from Radionuclides in the Environment.
BUSHAbstractC00333 I0360 00A Code to Calculate Radiation Doses Inside Buildings from Routine Releases of Radionuclides to the Atmosphere.
AbstractP00412 IBMPC 00Computer Code System for the Estimation of Long-Term Performance of Cement-Based Materials.
CHAINS-PCAbstractC00604 IBMPC 00Code System to Compute Atom Density of Members of a Single Decay Chain.
CHAINT-MCAbstractC00584 CYXMP 00A Two-Dimensional Model for the Analysis of Contaminant Transport in a Fractured Porous Medium.
COLUMN2AbstractC00534 ALLMF 00Calculation of Effects of Physicochemical Processes on Migration.
COMIDAAbstractP00343 MNYCP 00Radionuclide Food Chain Model for Acute Fallout Deposition.
COMPASS 1.0.0AbstractP00520 PC586 00Computerization of MARSSIM for Planning and Assessing Site Surveys.
CONDOS-IIAbstractC00416 I0360 00Code for Estimating Radiation Doses from Radionuclide-Containing Consumer Products.
DACRINAbstractC00273 U1100 00Airborne Radionuclide Organ Dose Calculational System.
DCHAIN-SP2001AbstractC00712 MNYWS 01Code System for Analyzing Decay and Build-up Characteristics of Spallation Products.
DECDC 1.0AbstractD00213 MNYCP 00Nucear Decay Data Files for Radiation Dosimetry Calculations.
DIFMODAbstractC00572 I3083 00A Computer Program To Calculate The Leaching of Radionuclides and the Corrosion of Cemented Waste Forms in Water or Brine.
DIMENAbstractP00341 IBMPC 00Code System for Isotope Identification by Gamma-Ray Analysis.
DISPERSAbstractC00454 MNYCP 00Collection of Mathematical Models for Dispersion in Surface Water and Groundwater.
EDISTRAbstractP00191 I3033 00Prepares a Nuclear Decay Data Base for Internal Radiation Dosimetry Calculations.
FE3DGWAbstractC00531 D0780 00Code System for Finite-Element, Three-Dimensional Ground-Water Flow Analysis.
FGR-DOSEAbstractD00167 ALLCP 01Dose Coefficients from Federal Guidance Reports 11 and 12.
FOODAbstractC00403 U1108 00Calculation of Radiation Dose to Man from Radionuclides in the Environment.
GENII 2.10AbstractC00737 PCX86 02Environmental Radiation Dosimetry Software System.
GENII-LIN 2.1AbstractC00728 PC586 01GENII-LIN Multipurpose Health Physics Code System with a New Object-Oriented Interface, Release 2.0.
GETOUTAbstractC00461 C0176 00A Computer Code System for Predicting One-Dimensional Radionuclide Decay Chain Transport through Geologic Media.
HADOCAbstractC00452 U1100 00Calculates External and Inhalation Doses from Acute Radionuclide Releases on the Hanford Site.
IDCAbstractC00384 I0360 00ICRP Dosimetric Calculational System.
INDOSE V2.1.1AbstractC00720 PC586 00Internal Dosimetry Code System Using Biokinetics Models
INREM IIAbstractC00392 I3033 00Computer Implementation of Recent Models for Estimating the Dose Equivalent to Organs of Man from an Inhaled or Ingested Radionuclide.
INTRUDE-ANSAbstractC00539 D8810 00A Repository Intrusion Risk Evaluation Code.
INVENTAbstractC00540 D8810 00A Radionuclide Inventory and Hazard Index Code.
IONMIGAbstractC00526 ALLMF 00Code System for Radionuclide Migration Calculations.
LEAFAbstractC00312 C6600 00Fission Product Release Calculator-From a Reactor Containment Building for Arbitrary Radioactive Decay Chains.
LPGSAbstractC00385 I3033 00Code System for Calculating Radiation Exposure Resulting from Accidental Radioactive Releases to the Hydrosphere.
NUCDECAYAbstractD00172 PC386 01Nuclear Decay Data for Radiation Dosimetry Calculations for ICRP and MIRD.
NUCDECAYCALCAbstractD00202 PC586 00Nuclear Decay Data for Radiation Dosimetry Calculations for ICRP.
NUTRANAbstractC00675 I0370 00Code System for Long-Term Repository Safety Analysis.
ORION-IIAbstractC00491 FM780 00A Computer Code to Estimate Environmental Concentration and Dose Due to Airborne Release of Radioactive Material.
PABLMAbstractC00402 U1100 00Calculation of Accumulated Radiation Doses to Man from Radionuclides Found in Food Products and from Radionuclides in the Environment.
PART61AbstractC00499 IBMPC 01Low-Level Radioactive Waste Impacts Analysis System.
PIEDECAbstractC00566 FM380 00A Practical Internal Exposure Dose Evaluation Code.
PLUMEXAbstractC00356 I0360 00A Computer Program to Evaluate External Exposures to a Gaussian Plume by Point Kernel Integration.
RACCAbstractC00388 CY000 00A Code System for Computing Radioactivity-Related Parameters for Fusion Reactor Systems.
RACCAbstractC00388 I3033 00A Code System for Computing Radioactivity-Related Parameters for Fusion Reactor Systems.
RACC-PULSEAbstractC00639 MNYWS 00RACC Code System for Computing Radioactivity-Related Parameters for Fusion Reactor Systems Modified for Pulsed/Intermittent Activation Analysis.
RADRISKAbstractC00422 DGMV1 00Estimates Radiation Doses and Health Effects from Inhalation or Ingestion of Radionuclides.
RADRISKAbstractC00422 I3033 00Estimates Radiation Doses and Health Effects from Inhalation or Ingestion of Radionuclides.
RANCHMDAbstractC00589 D8810 00Radionuclide Chain Transport with Matrix Diffusion.
RBDAbstractC00632 IBMPC 00U.S. Army Radiological Bioassay and Dosimetry.
REPRISK PC 1.02AbstractC00586 PC386 01Repository Risk Assessment Software for Personal Computers.
SACHETAbstractC00571 D8810 00A Computer Program To Evaluate The Dynamic Fission Product Inventories in the Multiple Compartment System of PWR's.
SEDONEAbstractC00345 I0360 00A Simulator of Tidal Transient Hydrodynamic Sediment Concentrations Conditions in Controlled Rivers and Estuaries.
SFACTORAbstractC00310 I0360 00Dose Equivalent to a Target Organ Calculator.
SORAAbstractP00174 I0360 00A Code System for Storage and Retrieval of Data from Radionuclide Analyses.
SPEEDIAbstractC00507 FM180 00Code System for Real-Time Prediction of Radiation Dose to the Public Due to an Accidental Release from a Nuclear Power Plant.
SUBDOSA-IIAbstractC00270 U1100 00Calculation of External Gamma-Ray and Beta-Ray Doses from Accidental Atmospheric Releases of Radionuclides.
TERFOC-NAbstractC00596 MFMWS 00Terrestrial Food-Chain Model for Normal Operations.
TIMEDAbstractC00292 I0360 00Calculation of Cumulated Activity of a Radionuclide in the Organs of the Human Body at a Given Time After Deposition.
UMIBIOAbstractC00680 I3033 00Code System to Model Uranium Mills Bioassay Dosimetry.
WRAITHAbstractC00427 U1100 00Code System for Calculating Internal and External Doses Resulting from an Atmospheric Release of Radioactive Material.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.