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Packages with Keyword: REACTOR ACCIDENT
Package NameAbstractRSICC TapelistTitle
APUD 3.0AbstractC00637 IBMPC 00Code System for Analyzing, Predicting Consequences of, and Guiding the Response to Nuclear Emergencies.
BWR-LTASAbstractC00485 I3033 01A Boiling Water Reactor Long-Term Accident Simulation Code.
CARNACAbstractC00238 I3691 00Calculation of Flux and Neutron Spectra in the Case of Criticality Accident.
COBRA-ENAbstractP00507 MNYCP 01Thermal-Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Reactor Cores.
CRAC2AbstractC00419 C0000 00Code System for Calculating Reactor Accident Consequences.
CRAC2AbstractC00419 I3033 00Code System for Calculating Reactor Accident Consequences.
DOSE-SGTRAbstractC00624 IBMPC 00Code System to Calculate the Integrated Iodine Release to the Environment During a Steam Generator Tube Rupture in a PWR.
ESDORAAbstractC00183 U1108 00Fission Product Inventory and Gamma-Ray Dose Rate from a Radioactive Cloud System.
EXPRESSAbstractC00622 MNYCP 00Exact Preparedness Supporting System.
FONTAAbstractC00423 S4044 00Code System For Calculating Individual And Collective Doses From Reactor Accidents Using Pasquill's Plume Model.
FRCRL2AbstractC00231 C6400 00Calculation of Fission-Product Release in Reactor Accident Analyses.
GRSACAbstractC00774 PCX86 00Graphite Reactor Severe Accident Code.
HAARM-3AbstractP00401 CDCMF 00Aerosol Behavior Log-Normal Distribution Model.
HABIT 1.1AbstractC00665 IBMPC 01Code System for Evaluation of Control Room Habitability.
HORNAbstractC00568 I3083 00A Computer Code To Analyze The Gas-Phase Transport of Fission Products In Reactor Cooling System Under Severe Accidents.
HOTSPOT 3.0.2AbstractM00009 IBMPC 03Health Physics Code System for Evaluating Accidents Involving Radioactive Materials.
IRDAMAbstractC00524 IPCXT 00Interactive Rapid Dose Assessment Model.
MARCH2AbstractP00473 CDCMF 00Code System to Model LWR Meltdown Accident Response.
MTR_PC 2.6AbstractC00674 PC386 00Modular Code System for Neutronics, Thermalhydraulics and Shielding Calculations.
PFPLAbstractC00607 D0VAX 00Puff-Plume Atmospheric Deposition Model.
PLUDOSAbstractC00313 I0360 00Calculator of Ground Level External Gamma-Ray Dose from a Radioactive Plume.
PRESTAbstractC00355 I0360 00Calculator of Pressure and Temperature Transient in Containment Studies.
RACERAbstractC00174 U1108 00Calculation of Potential External Dose from Airborne Fission Products Following Postulated Reactor Accident.
RADOSAbstractC00088 I3675 00Gamma-Ray Dose Estimation from Cloud of Radioactive Gases by Kernel Integration.
RADTRAD 3.03AbstractC00800 IBMPC 00A Simplified Model for RADionuclide Transport and Removal And Dose Estimation.
RADTRAD 3.03-EXEAbstractC00800 IBMPC 01A Simplified Model for RADionuclide Transport and Removal And Dose Estimation.
RASCAL 4.3AbstractC00783 PCX86 02Radiological Assessment for Consequence Analysis.
RETRACAbstractC00635 D0VAX 00Code System for the Analysis of Material Test Reactor (MTR) Cores.
RRRAbstractC00196 I0360 00Radiation Transport in Air-Analysis of Routine Releases of Short-Lived Radioactive Nuclides.
SACHETAbstractC00571 D8810 00A Computer Program To Evaluate The Dynamic Fission Product Inventories in the Multiple Compartment System of PWR's.
SLIDERULE 1.0AbstractC00704 PC586 01Nuclear Criticality Slide Rule.
SMARTAbstractC00602 ALLCP 00Code System for Calculating Early Offsite Consequences from Nuclear Reactor Accidents.
SPEEDIAbstractC00507 FM180 00Code System for Real-Time Prediction of Radiation Dose to the Public Due to an Accidental Release from a Nuclear Power Plant.
SUBDOSA-IIAbstractC00270 U1100 00Calculation of External Gamma-Ray and Beta-Ray Doses from Accidental Atmospheric Releases of Radionuclides.
TACT-IIIAbstractC00447 I3033 00Calculation of the Transport of Radioactivity from a Reactor Core.
TORACAbstractP00459 C0170 00Code System to Calculate Tornado-Induced Flow Material Transport.
WRAITHAbstractC00427 U1100 00Code System for Calculating Internal and External Doses Resulting from an Atmospheric Release of Radioactive Material.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.