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Packages with Keyword: NUCLEAR MODELS
Package NameAbstractRSICC TapelistTitle
ABAREXAbstractP00248 MNYCP 01Neutron Spherical Optical-Statistical Model Code System.
ALICE2017AbstractP00550 PCX86 06Statistical Model Code System to Calculate Particle Spectra from HMS Precompound Nucleus Decay.
CASTHYAbstractP00316 FM000 00Statistical Model Calculation for Neutron Cross Sections and Capture Gamma-Ray Spectra.
CCRMNAbstractP00366 MNYCP 00Monte Carlo Simulation of the Coupled Transport of Electrons and Photons.
CEM03.03AbstractP00532 MNYCP 01Monte-Carlo Code System to Calculate Nuclear Reactions in the Framework of Improved Cascade-Exciton Model.
COMNUC3BAbstractP00302 CYXMP 00A Compound Nucleus Analysis Program.
DWBA07/DWBB07AbstractP00338 MNYCP 01Code System for Inelastic and Elastic Scattering with Nucleon-Nucleon Potential
DWUCK-CHUCKAbstractP00546 MNYCP 00Nuclear Model Code System for Distorted Wave Born Approximation and Coupled Channel Calculations.
ELIESE-3AbstractP00003 I0370 00Analyses of Elastic and Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections.
EMPIRE-IIAbstractP00497 PC586 01Comprehensive Nuclear Model Code, Nucleons, Ions Induced Cross-Sections.
ERIC-2AbstractP00119 I0360 00Calculator of Resonance Integral and Effective Capture and Fission Cross Sections for Fissile and Non-Fissile Nuclides - Thermal or Fast Reactors.
ERINNIAbstractP00219 I0360 00Optical Model Calculation of Multiple Cascading Particle Emissions.
ESTIMAAbstractP00201 I3033 00A Code System for Calculating Average Parameters from Sets of Resolved Resonance Parameters.
EVAPAbstractP00010 I0360 00Calculation of Particle Evaporation from Excited Compound Nuclei.
EXIFON2.0AbstractP00305 IPCXT 01A Model for Statistical Multistep Direct and Multistep Compound Reactions.
FANACAbstractP00179 I3033 00A Shape Analysis Code Package for Resonance Parameter Extraction from Neutron Capture Data for Light- and Medium-Weight Nuclei.
FANALAbstractP00178 I3033 00A Least-Squares Shape Analysis Code System.
GEMAbstractP00540 PC586 00Monte-Carlo Code for Simulating a Decaying Process of an Excited Nucleus.
GNASH-FKKAbstractP00535 MNYCP 00Pre-equilibrium, Statistical Nuclear-Model Code System for Calculation Cross Sections and Emission Spectra.
GRSACAbstractC00774 PCX86 00Graphite Reactor Severe Accident Code.
HAUSER*5AbstractP00152 U0000 00Code System for Calculating Nuclear Cross Sections.
HIC-1AbstractC00249 I0360 00Monte Carlo Code System for Calculating Heavy Ion Reactions at Energies > 50 MeV/Nucleon.
ICARAbstractP00291 IPCAT 00A Code For Combinatorial Calculation of Level Densities.
NX1-NX2AbstractP00310 D0VAX 00Code System to Calculate Excitation Functions for (n,charged particle) Reactions.
PAPINAbstractP00156 I0370 00A Code System to Calculate Cross Section Probability Tables, Bondarenko and Transmission Self-Shielding Factors for Fertile Isotopes in the Unresolved Resonance Region.
PEGASAbstractP00336 IBMPC 00Pre-Equilibrium-Equilibrium Gamma-and-Spin Code System.
PELINSCAAbstractP00168 I0360 00A Code System for Nuclear Elastic and Inelastic Scattering Calculations.
PEQAG-2AbstractP00293 IPCAT 00A Pre-equilibrium Computer Code With Gamma Emission.
POLLAAbstractP00208 I3033 00A Fortran Program to Convert R-MATRIX-Type Multilevel Resonance Parameters for Fissile Nuclei into Equivalent KAPUR-PEIERLS-Type Parameters.
PREANGAbstractP00166 C0175 00Calculation of Pre-equilibrium Angular Distributions with the Exciton Model.
PRECO2006AbstractP00226 MNYCP 02Exciton Model Code System for Calculating Preequilibrium and Direct Double Differential Cross Sections.
PREMAbstractP00224 I0360 00Code System for Pre-equilibrium Process with Multiple Nucleon Emission.
RICEAbstractP00022 I0360 00A Program to Calculate Primary Recoil Atom Spectra from ENDF/B Data.
SAMMY 8.1.0AbstractP00158 MNYCP 13Code System for Multilevel R-Matrix Fits to Neutron and Charged-Particle Cross-Section Data Using Bayes' Equations.
SC2N3NAbstractP00309 D0VAX 00Systematics of (n,2n) and (n,3n) Cross Sections.
SCAT-2AbstractP00294 MNYCP 03Code System for Calculating Total and Elastic Scattering Cross Sections Based on an Optical Model of the Spherical Nucleus.
SIOBAbstractP00139 I0360 00Calculation of Least-Squares Shape Fitting Several Neutron Transmission Measurements Using the Breit-Wigner Multilevel Formula.
SMOGAbstractP00216 I3033 00Code System for Neutron Cross Section Evaluation (Optical Method).
SPECTERAbstractP00023 I3565 00Calculation of Energy Distribution of Nuclear Reaction Products.
STAPREFAbstractP00498 PC586 00Code System to Calculate Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections by Evaporation Model.
STAPRE-H95AbstractP00325 MNYCP 01Code System to Calculate Energy-Averaged Cross Sections of Particle Induced Nuclear Reactions.
TALYS-1.2AbstractP00548 PC586 01Nuclear Model Code System for Analysis and Prediction of Nuclear Reactions and Generation of Nuclear Data.
TNG1AbstractP00298 D6220 00A Multistep Statistical Model Based on the Hauser-Feshbach Theory For The Evaluation Of Neutron Data.
UNFAbstractP00521 PC586 00Code System to Calculate Multistep Compound Nucleus Neutron Cross-Sections and Spectra for Structural Materials.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.