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ANISN errors in BUGLE-B7 and BUGLE-96

NUREG/CR-7045, “Production and Testing of the VITAMIN-B7 Fine-Group and BUGLE-B7 Broad-Group Coupled Neutron/Gamma Cross-Section Libraries Derived from ENDF/B-VII.0 Nuclear Data” (September 2011) is distributed as part of the RSICC data package DLC-245 (VITAMIN-B7/BUGLE-B7) and also serves as a manual for VITAMIN-B7 and BUGLE-B7. There are multiple errors in the ANISN ID numbers in Table 3.14 of NUREG/CR-7045, as given below: Nuclides and ANISN IDs in BUGLE-B7 that are self-shielded and collapsed using specific BWR and PWR weighting spectra Nuclide Self-shielding Material ANISN ID in NUREG/CR-7045, Table 3.14 Correct ANISN ID O-16 PWR core fuel N/A 1129-1136 U-235 PWR core fuel 1129-1136 1137-1142 U-238 PWR core fuel 1137-1142 1143-1148 Ni-60 Carbon steel 5177-5185 5177-5184 Ni-60 Stainless steel 5186-5192 5185-5192 In the table above, the ANISN ID errors for Ni-60 that are self-shielded in carbon steel and stainless steel also exist in “NUREG/CR-6214, Rev.1, “Production and Testing of the VITAMIN-B6 Fine-Group and the BUGLE-93 Broad-Group Neutron/Photon Cross-Section Libraries Derived from ENDF/B-VI Nuclear Data” that is related to the RSICC data package DLC-185 (BUGLE-96).


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