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Packages with Keyword: BWR
Package NameAbstractRSICC TapelistTitle
ALARM-B2AbstractP00218 I0360 00A Computer Code System for Analysis of a Large Break LOCA of a BWR.
BLOCKAGE V2.5RAbstractP00377 IBMPC 00Code System to Calculate Potential Plugging of Emergency Core Cooling Suction Strainers by Debris in a BWR.
BWR-LTASAbstractC00485 I3033 01A Boiling Water Reactor Long-Term Accident Simulation Code.
CECP-BWRAbstractP00370 PC386 00Estimating Boiling Water Reactor Decomissioning Costs.
CECP-PWRAbstractP00371 PC386 00Estimating Pressurized Water Reactor Decomissioning Costs.
COBRA-ENAbstractP00507 MNYCP 01Thermal-Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Reactor Cores.
CONTEMPT4AbstractP00397 MNYCP 00Code System for PWR & BWR Multicompartment Containment Analysis.
ENTREE 1.4.0AbstractP00519 MNYWS 00BWR Core Simulation System for Space and Time Dependent Coupled Phenomena.
FRANCOAbstractP00363 MNYCP 00Finite Element Fuel Rod Analysis Code System.
GALE BWRAbstractC00335 U1100 00Boiling Water and Pressurized Water Reactors Gaseous and Liquid Effluents Radiological Assessment Code System.
GALE PWR & BWRAbstractC00335 I3033 00Boiling Water and Pressurized Water Reactors Gaseous and Liquid Effluents Radiological Assessment Code System.
GALE86AbstractC00506 MNYCP 02Calculation of Routine Radioactive Releases in Gaseous and Liquid Effluents from Boiling Water and Pressurized Water Reactors.
KIMAbstractC00376 I3033 00A Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo Code System for Linear Neutron Transport Calculations.
AbstractP00395 PC586 02BWR Core Stability Measurements.
MARCH2AbstractP00473 CDCMF 00Code System to Model LWR Meltdown Accident Response.
MOSRA-LIGHTAbstractP00505 MNYWS 00High-Speed Three-Dimensional Nodal Diffusion Code System.
MOXY-MOD32AbstractP00385 I0360 00BWR Core Heat Transfer Code System.
ORIGEN-JENDL32AbstractC00703 MNYWS 00Isotope Generation and Depletion Code - Matrix Exponential Method.
PC-PRAISEAbstractP00391 IBMPC 00Code System for Analysis of Piping Reliability Including Seismic Events.
PIGGAbstractC00138 C3600 00A Multigroup One-Dimensional P-1 Radiation Transport Code System.
RATAFAbstractC00681 IMFPC 01Code System for the Radioactive Liquid Tank Failure Study.
REST 1;2;3AbstractC00225 I0360 00Fission Product Inventory Code System with Fission Product Escape Model.
SCOPEAbstractP00210 I3033 00Computer Code System for Shipping Cask Optimization and Parametric Evaluation.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.