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Packages with Keyword: EXTERNAL DOSE
Package NameAbstractRSICC TapelistTitle
DECDC 1.0AbstractD00213 MNYCP 00Nucear Decay Data Files for Radiation Dosimetry Calculations.
FGR-DOSEAbstractD00167 ALLCP 01Dose Coefficients from Federal Guidance Reports 11 and 12.
NUCDECAYAbstractD00172 PC386 01Nuclear Decay Data for Radiation Dosimetry Calculations for ICRP and MIRD.
SCIP V1.1AbstractC00749 PCX86 00Radioactive Surface Contamination Investigation Program.
The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.