RSICC Goals and Staff Functions

RSICC works towards the acquisition, testing, and release of research software for nuclear science and engineering, in support of modeling and simulation. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission are its primary sponsors. Following is a list of primary strengths RSICC has developed from past decades of service to its user community.

  • A strong community information interchange program drives RSICC’s ability to continuously perform software identification, acquisition, testing and communications for enhancing scientific support of research and engineering staff.
  • A strong international commitment to secure and legal information exchange allows RSICC staff to perform nuclear software dissemination that follows U.S. rules and regulations and valuable exchanges with Japanese and European communities to elevate, expand, and ultimately enhance the U.S. nuclear computational modeling and data analysis performance through a rich selection of computational modeling and data tools.
  • A firm understanding of computer systems, computational science, and hardware operations allows RSICC staff to provide computational systems support, database development and maintenance, accurate updates of internet information and physical protection via secure, fireproof off-site storage of software and data media backups.
  • Personnel at RSICC embedded in a research environment at a U.S. national laboratory augment the level of support of the nuclear software used across the DOE complex, and the knowledge of nuclear software functionality as well as its accuracies and weaknesses.
  • Dedicated full-time staff ensures a rapid customer service and short turn-around time for software testing, packaging, and dissemination and a close understanding of user issues and needs in operational aspects of the nuclear software and its applications for the benefit of the entire DOE nuclear complex.

Timothy E. Valentine - Director

  • Management and interface with sponsors
  • Computing and web technologies
  • Manager of Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis (NESLS) internship program

Mark Baird – Database and Website Manager

  • Software testing and troubleshooting
  • Database and website interface with webmaster

Barbara Snow - Request Coordinator

  • Manager of registration and request processing, accounting control, and data entry for RSICC
  • Primary interface with customers for RSICC services

Janice Arwood - Package Coordinator

  • Software coordinator and interface with developers
  • Coordinator of exchange between RSICC and the Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank
  • Software testing and troubleshooting

Dan Garner - Software Testing and Distribution

  • Software testing and troubleshooting
  • Software archival on storage media
  • Software duplication on digital video disks (DVD) for distribution

Teresa Moore - Customer Interface

  • Registration and request processing and data entry
  • General support for staff
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The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) is a Department of Energy Specialized Information Analysis Center (SIAC) authorized to collect, analyze, maintain, and distribute computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety. RSICC resides in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.