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No. 404 August 1998
True opinions can prevail only if the facts to which they refer are known; if they are not known, false ideas are just as effective as true ones, if not a little more effective.--Walter Lippmann


Three changes or additions were made to the computer code collection during the month. Two code systems were replaced with newly frozen version and an additional hardware version was added to an existing code system. One change resulted from a foreign contribution.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, contributed a new hardware version of ASOP to run on IBM RS/6000 workstations. ASOP is a shield optimization calculational system based on the one-dimensional discrete ordinates transport code system ANISN (CCC-254). It has been used to design optimum shields for space applications of SNAP zirconium-hydride-uranium-fueled reactors and uranium-oxide fueled thermionic reactors and to design beam stops for the ORELA facility at ORNL. A Fortran 77 compiler is required to compile and run the code. The package is transmitted in a Unix tar file on one DS/HD diskette. Reference: CTC-INF-941 (September 1969). IBM RS/6000; Fortran 77 (C00125/IRISC/00).

The Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca" Nuclear Engineering Laboratory "NET" Beograd, Yugoslavia, contributed a newly frozen version of this code system to compute photon/electron/positron radiation transport problems in three dimensions with or without the presence of macroscopic electric and magnetic fields for dosimetry, radiation damage, radiation therapy and other applications. The code was upgraded to incorporate a variety of numerical experiments. Numerous corrections were made in addition to enhancements to simplify use of the system. Physical rigor is maximized by employing the available cross sections and sampling distributions, and the most complete physical model for describing the transport and production of the photon/electron/positron cascade from 20.0 MeV down to 1.0 keV. The condensed history Monte Carlo method (Berger 1963) is used for the electron and positron transport simulation. During a history the particles lose energy in collisions, and the secondary particles are generated on the step according to the probabilities for their occurrence. Electron (positron) energy loss is through inelastic electron-electron (e-,e-) and positron-electron (e+,e-) collisions and bremsstrahlung generation.

FOTELP/EM runs on either IBM PC or VAX computers. A Fortran 77 compiler is required to create executables on the VAX. The FOTELP/EM package can be installed and run on a PC with at least 8 MB of RAM under MS-DOS 6 or WINDOWS 3.1 and higher. The Microsoft Powerstation 4.0 compiler was used to build the executables which are included. The package is transmitted on one DS/HD 3.5-in. (1.44 MB) diskette in a DOS self-extracting file. Reference: NET-87 (1998). Fortran 77; PC 486 or VAX (C00581/IBMPC/01).

Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, contributed a newly frozen version of this optical-statistical model code system developed for the calculation of energy averaged neutron induced nuclear reaction cross sections. In the present form, ABAREX uses a version of the Racah and Clebsch-Gordon routine and a non-linear fitting routine developed at ANL. Known errors were corrected and significant improvements were made in portability. The new release runs on IBM compatible personal computers and VAX/VMS systems. The Lahey F77L-EM/32 Version 5.2 compiler was used to create the PC executable which is included in the package. Reference: ANL/NDDM-145 (June 1998). Fortran 77; PC, VAX (P00248/MNYCP/00).

RSICC Workshops

SCALE Training Course Schedule for Fall 1998

The SCALE staff at ORNL are offering two training courses this fall. The courses emphasize hands-on experience solving practical problems on PCs in workgroups of two or three persons each. Prior experience in the use of SCALE is preferred, but not required. All courses are conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The registration fee for each course is $1,250. A combined registration fee of $2,000 is available for the two fall courses, which are offered on consecutive weeks. A copy of the SCALE software and manual on CD is included. Registration forms may be submitted via FAX or email to reserve your place. Classes are limited in size and are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not obtained. Course fees are refundable up to one month before each class. Classes are cosponsored by RSICC. Non-U.S. citizens must register at least one month in advance. For further information, contact scalehelp@ornl.gov.
Date Title Description
Oct. 27 - 30 SCALE KENO V.a Course In-depth introduction to CSAS/KENO V.a
Nov. 2 - 5 SCALE Shielding & Source Terms Course In-depth introduction to SCALE shielding and depletion/decay sequences (including ORIGEN-ARP)

Course Descriptions

The SCALE KENO V.a Criticality Course focuses on KENO V.a and the associated criticality analysis sequences in CSAS. It also includes a brief introduction to KENO-VI. The SCALE Shielding and Source Terms Course emphasizes SAS2/ORIGEN-ARP (depletion/source-term generation) and SAS4/MORSE-SGC (3-D Monte Carlo neutron/gamma shielding). It also covers SAS1/XSDRNPM (1-D neutron-gamma shielding) and QADS/QAD-CGGP (3-D point kernel gamma shielding).

SCALE Criticality Course Agenda

The course agenda may be found at http://www.cad.ornl.gov/cad_nea/text/trcourse.html. The registration is available at the web site and also at the back of this newsletter.

MCNP Workshops

The ESH-4 Health Physics Measurements Group-Radiation Instrumentation & Calibration Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory regularly schedules MCNP workshops which are co-sponsored by RSICC. Please go to http://esh-4.lanl.gov/ric1/mcnp.htm for schedule and content information. Workshops are currently scheduled for May 17-21 and October 18-22, 1999. The workshops are often targeted for special audiences. You may also contact Paulette Sanchez, Tel.: 505-665-6068, Fax: 505-665-6071, regarding registration and class space availability. For technical information, please contact Dick Olsher, 505-667-3364, email: to dick@lanl.gov or David Seagraves, 505-667-4959, email: to dseagraves@lanl.gov.


RSICC attempts to keep its users/contributors advised of conferences, courses, and symposia in the field of radiation protection, transport, and shielding through this section of the newsletter. Should you be involved in the planning/organization of such events, feel free to send your announcements and calls for papers via email to raf@ornl.gov.

21st RERTR

The 21st International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors (RERTR) will be held October 18-23, 1998, in São Paulo, Brazil. Information will be exchanged on the progress of national and international programs to develop low enriched fuels for research and test reactors and to convert the reactors to such fuels. This meeting is organized by the Institute of Research and Development Directorate of the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) (IPEN) in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Argonne National Laboratory, the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission, the Brazilian Association for Nuclear Energy (ABEN), and other sectors of the Brazilian nuclear energy industry. Further information about the meeting is available from Dr. José Rubens Maiorino, Chairman 1998-RERTR Meeting, Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear, Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, Diretoria de Reatores, Travessa R 400 - Cidade Universitária- CEP: 05508-900, São Paulo - SP - Brazil (phone 55-11- 816-9111, fax 55-11-816-9432, email rertr98@net.ipen.br), or please visit the webpage at url http://www.ipen.br/r/rertr/rertr.html).


The Seventh Annual Meeting of the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS) will be held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, October 19-21, 1998. CIRMS is a non-profit, U.S. Council, with representation from academic, professional and industrial associations and organizations, government agencies and interested individuals. CIRMS provides an opportunity for open discussion of current issues concerning ionizing radiation and future directions of measurements and standards. For more information contact Katy Nardi, (phone 770-622-0026, email KatyNardi@aol.com).

The First Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Tracks

The First Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Tracks will be held April 5-9, 1999, in Caracas, Venezuela. The symposium will be devoted to review of the present knowledge of nuclear track science and technology and its applications in physics, health, environmental studies, earth sciences and industry. Participants are encouraged to submit one-page abstracts, even if they might be seen as preliminary results. The list of suggested topics are:
  1. Basic Physical Processes Related to Track Formation
  2. Track Observation and Measurement Methodology
  3. Environmental Radiation and Radon Studies
  4. Radiation Dosimetry
  5. Nuclear Physics
  6. Geoscience
  7. Medical Physics and Radiobiology
  8. Archeology
  9. Industry
  10. New Trends in Nuclear Tracks Science and Technology

Abstracts with the complementary registration page can be sent in three ways by the February 15, 1999 deadline:

1. By FAX to one the following numbers:

(+58-2) 906-3155 (Laboratorio de Física Nuclear, USB)
(+58-2) 906-3888 (Laboratorio de Física Nuclear, USB)
(+58-2) 605-2188 (Escuela de Física, Facultad de Ciencias, UCV)

2. By E-mail to one of the following addresses:


3. Send the abstract either by FAX or E-mail and then proceed with the electronic registration.

Details may be found on the internet at http://fisica.ciens.ucv.ve/~rmartin/1lasont/1lasont.html.

Tenth International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry

The Tenth International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry will be held September 12-17, 1999, in Osaka, Japan. This Symposium is held about every three years to provide a forum for the interchange of state-of-the-art techniques, databases and standardization of radiation metrology. The Symposium will be of value to those involved in reactor dosimetry, including researchers, manufacturers and representatives from industry, utilities and regulatory agencies. The Symposium is jointly sponsored by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the European Working Group on Reactor Dosimetry (EWGRD). It is organized by ASTM Committee E10 on Nuclear Technology and Applications and EWGRD.

The Symposium theme is dosimetry for the assessment of irradiated reactor materials and reactor experiments, featuring radiation metrology techniques, databases and standardization. Inquiries and requests to be added to the mailing list should be sent to one of the following:

North and South America, East and Southeast Asia:

Dr. David W. Vehar
ASTM Program Secretary
Sandia National Laboratories, MS-1136
P.O. Box 5800, Albuquerque, NM 87185-1136, USA

Phone: 505-845-3414, fax: 505-844-0798
email: dwvehar@sandia.gov

Europe, Africa, Asia (other), and Australia:

Dr. Hamid Ait Abderrahim
EWGRD Programme Secretary
Boeretang 200, B-2400 Mol, BELGIUM

Phone: 32-14-332277, fax: 32-14-321529
email: haitabde@sckcen.be

"Half a Century of Radiation Shielding Research and Its Evolution into the Next Era" is the theme for the 9th International Conference on Radiation Shielding to be held October 17-22, 1999, in Tsukuba, Japan. It is sponsored and organized by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and co-sponsored by the OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency-Nuclear Science Committee (NEA-NSC), Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ), and the Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC). Participants in the conference explore the scientific, technological and engineering issues associated with radiation shielding in broad nuclear energy systems, accelerator facilities, space and general environments. Detailed information about the conference may be obtained from Yujiro Ikeda, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Tokai Research Establishment, Neutron Science Research Center, Spallation Neutronics Laboratory, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken 319-11 Japan (phone 81-29-282-6074, fax 81-29-282-5709, email keda@fnshp.tokai. jaeri.go.jp) or from the web page at http://icrs9.tokai.jaeri.go.jp.


Your attention is directed to the following events of interest.

September 1998

AccApp'98, Sept. 20-23, 1998, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, sponsored by the Oak Ridge-Knoxville, TN, USA Section of the ANS. Contact: Dr. John Haines, Chairman, AccApp '98 Technical Program Committee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-8071, USA (phone 423-574-0966, fax 423-576-7926, email hainesjr@ornl.gov, url http://www.engr.utk. edu/org/ans/AccApp98).

Training Course on the Use of MCNP in Radiation Protection and Dosimetry, Sept. 28-1 Oct. 1998, at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London. Contact: Robert Alan Price, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, T. H. Huxley School of the Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering, Applied Modelling and Computation Group, Centre for Environmental Technology, Room 405, Royal School of Mines Building, Prince Consort Rd, London SW7 2BP, UK (phone 44-171-594- 9323, fax 44-171-594-9341, url http://wrench.et.ic.ac.uk/courses/).

October 1998

International Conference on the Physics of Nuclear Science and Technology, Oct. 5-8, 1998, Long Island, New York, sponsored by the Reactor Physics Division and the Long Island Section of the American Nuclear Society. Contact: Ms. Jean Frejka via email at [frejka@bnl.gov] or check the website at http://www.dne.bnl.gov/html/confweb/conf-98.htm.

4th Annual Workshop on Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiotherapy Treatment Sources using the OMEGA/BEAM Code System, Oct. 5-8, 1998, Ottawa, Canada. Contact: Blake Walters, Ionizing Radiation Standards, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0R6. (phone 613-993-2715, fax 613-952-9865, email bwalters@irs.phy.nrc.ca, url www.irs.inms.nrc.ca/inms/irs/BEAM/beamhome.html).

4th Biennial Decommissioning Conference, Oct. 11-14, 1998, Captiva Island, Florida, sponsored by TLG Services, Inc. Contact: Lisa Benoit, TLG (phone 860-355-2300, fax 860-355-2705).

21st International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors (RERTR) Oct. 18-23, 1998, São Paulo, Brazil. Contact: Dr. José Rubens Maiorino, Chairman 1998-RERTR Meeting, Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear, Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, Diretoria de Reatores, Travessa R 400 - Cidade Universitária- CEP: 05508-900, São Paulo - SP - Brazil (phone 55-11-816-9111, fax 55-11-816-9432, email rertr98@net.ipen.br; url http://www.ipen.br/r/rertr/rertr.html).

7th Annual Meeting of the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS) Oct. 19-21, 1998, NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Contact: Katy Nardi, (770-622-0026, email KatyNardi@aol.com).

ASTM Committee D-34 on Waste Management, Oct. 19-21, 1998, Norfolk, Virginia. Contact: Kate Wallace (phone 610-832-9728, email kwallace@astm.org).

5th International Conference on Recycling, Conditioning, and Disposal (RECOD '98), Oct. 25-28, 1998, Nice, France, sponsored by the French Nuclear Energy Society and the European Nuclear Society. Contact: SFEN-RECOD '98, 69-73, rue Dutot, 75015 Paris, France (phone 33-01-4419-6220, email sfen@wanadoo.fr).

International Nuclear Congress (ENC '98) and World Congress, Oct. 25-28, 1998, Nice, France, sponsored by the European Nuclear Society and others. Contact: ENC '98 Secretariat, European Nuclear Society, Belpstrasse 23, P.O. Box 5032, CH-3001 Berne, Switzerland (phone 41-31-320-6111, fax 41-31-382-4466, url http://www.acv.ch/enc98).

26th Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting, Oct. 26028, 1998, Bethesda, Maryland, sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Contact: Susan Montelcome (phone 516-344-7235, fax 516-344-3957, email smontele@bnl.gov).

November 1998

Radiation Safety Officer, Nov. 2-6, 1998, Las Vegas, Nevada, a Technical Short Course offering of Nevada Technical Associates. Contact: Nevada Technical Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 90748, Henderson, NV 89009 (phone 702-564-2798, fax 702-558-7672).

15th International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry, Nov. 4-7, 1998, Denton, Texas, sponsored by the University of North Texas. Contact: Barbie Stippec (phone 940-565-3252, fax 940-565-2227, email stippec@unt.edu, url http://www.phy.unt.edu/accercon/).

SWR-1000: A Reactor Concept for the Future, Nov. 5, 1998, Königswinter, Germany, sponsored by Informum GmbH. Contact: Inforum Conference Office, Heussallii10, D 53113 Bonn, Germany (phone 49-0-228-507-223, fax 49-0-228-507-262, email inforum_gmbh@compuserve.com).

International Symposium on Storage of Spent Fuel from Power Reactors, Nov. 9-13, 1998, Vienna, sponsored by the IAEA and OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. Contact: IAEA, Wagramerstrasse 5, P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna, Austria (phone 43-1-20600, fax 43-1-20607, email official.mail@iaea.org).

19th Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, Nov. 10-12, 1998, Salt Lake City, Utah, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the University of Utah. Contact: Donna Lake (phone 208-526-0234, fax 208-526-9165, email lrd@inel.gov).

TapRoot® Incident/Accident Investigation System User's Conference, Nov. 11-13, 1998, Dallas, Texas, sponsored by System Improvements, Inc. Contact: Katrina Kidd, System Improvements, Inc., Suite 301, 238 South Peters Rd., Knoxville, TN 37923-5224 (phone 423-539-2139, fax 423-539-4335, email taproot@taproot.com, url http://www.taproot.com).

ANS Winter Meeting, Nov. 15-19, 1998, Washington, D.C. Contact: James O'Hanlon, Sr. Vice President-Nuclear, Virginia Power, 5000 Dominion Blvd., Glen Allen, VA 23060 (phone 804-273-3551, fax 804-273-3759).

Meeting of the Americas: Nuclear Science, Technology, and Applications, Nov. 15-19, 1998, Washington, D. C. sponsored by the ANS, the Canadian Nuclear Society, ANS Latin American Section, the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association, the Nuclear Technology Association of Argentina, and Soc. Nuclear Mexicana. Contact: Donald Hoffman (phone 301-984-4400, fax 301-984-7600).

International Symposium on Evolutionary Water-Cooled Reactors, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 1998, Seoul, Republic of Korea, sponsored by the IAEA. Contact: IAEA, Wagramerstrasse 5, P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna, Austria (phone 43-1-20600, fax x43-1-20607, email official.mail@iaea.org).

December 1998

Nuclear Decom '98, Dec. 2-3, 1998, London, sponsored by the Inst. of Mechanical Engineers. Contact: Alison Hamlett (phone 44-0171-304-6864, fax 44-0171-222-9881, email a_hamlett@imeche.org.uk).

April 1999

First Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Tracks and Radiation, April 5-9, 1999, Caracas, Venezuela, Institute for Advanced Studies, Convention Centre. Contact: Professor Laszlo Sajo, Universidad Simon Bolivar, FE-1, Apdo 89000, Caracas, Venezuela, (phone 58-2-906- 3590, fax 58-2-906-3712, email lsajo@fis.usb.ve).

June 1999

Conference on Radionuclide Metrology and its Application, June 7-11, 1999, Prague. Contact: Pavel Dryák, Czech Metrological Institute, Radiova 1, CZ 102 00 Prague, Czech Republic (phone 420-2-67008244, fax 420-2-67008466, email pdryak@cmi.cz).

September 1999

Tenth International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry, Sept. 12-17, 1999, in Osaka, Japan. Contact: Dr. David W. Vehar (505-845-3414, fax 505-844-0798, email: dwvehar@sandia.gov) or Dr. Hamid Ait Abderrahim (32-14-332277, fax 32- 14-321529, email haitabde@sckcen.be).

October 1999

Half a Century of Radiation Shielding Research and Its Evolution into the Next Era (ICRS-9) Oct. 17-22, 1999, Tsukuba, Japan, sponsored and organized by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute. Contact: Yujiro Ikeda, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Tokai Research Establishment, Neutron Science Research Center, Spallation Neutronics Laboratory, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken 319-11 Japan (phone 81-29-282-6074, fax 81-29-282-5709, email keda@fnshp.tokai.jaeri.go.jp, url http://icrs9.tokai.jaeri.go.jp.


The following literature cited has been reviewed and placed in the RSICC Information Storage and Retrieval Information System (SARIS), now searchable on the RSICC web server (http://www-rsicc.ornl.gov/SARIS.html). This early announcement is made as a service to the shielding community. Copies of the literature are not distributed by RSICC. They may generally be obtained from the author or from a documentation center such as the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Department of Commerce, Springfield, Virginia 22161. For literature listed as available from INIS contact INIS Clearinghouse, International Atomic Energy Agency, P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna.


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For registration in the SCALE workshop please see http://www.cad.ornl.gov/cad_nea/text/trcourse.html