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No. 385                                          December 1996

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Three changes were made to the computer code collection during the month. Two existing code packages were replaced with newly frozen versions and an existing code package was corrected.

CCC-641/NESTLE 5.02


Language: Fortran 77

Computers: workstation

Format: tar

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, contributed a newly frozen version of this code system which solves the few-group neutron diffusion equation utilizing the nodal expansion method (NEM). NESTLE can solve eigenvalue (criticality), eigenvalue adjoint, external fixed-source steady-state, and external fixed-source or eigenvalue initiated transient problems. The eigenvalue problem allows criticality searches to be completed, and the external fixed-source steady-state problem can search to achieve a specified power level. Three-, two-, and one-dimensional models can be utilized with various symmetries.

The new version of NESTLE 5.02 includes the option to utilize a Weilandt Eigenvalue Shift method in place of the Semi-Implicit Chebyshev Polynomial method to accelerate the outer iterations. In addition, flux, fission source and power density are now exponentially extrapolated to the new time-step time value to improve convergence. Other features added include the following: implicit or explicit transient T-H feedback option, specification of whether convergence after a NEM/T-H update is demanded, frequency of NEM coupling coefficients update based upon L2 fission source relative error reduction, execution time specification of control file name, input echo execution option, and improved run-time statistics. In addition, various minor bugs were fixed, and code restructuring was implemented to increase computational performance and coding clarity. Details of all code changes can be found within file main.f.

NESTLE is written in Fortran 77 and runs on Unix workstations with at least 16 megabytes of memory. It has been tested on IBM RS/6000 running AIX, HP9000/700 running HPUX, DEC5000 running Ultrix, and SUN OS platforms. Three DS/HD 3.5-in. (1.44 MB) DOS diskettes are used to transmit Unix compressed tar files which contain the source code, makefiles, test problem input/output, electronic dictionary and database. Reference: EGG-NRE-11406 (June 1994). Unix Workstations; Fortran 77 (C00641/MNYWS/01).



Language: Fortran 77

Computers: RS/6000, DEC ALPHA

Format: tar

Oak Ridge National Laboratory contributed updates to the SAMMY-K1 code system for calculating multilevel R-matrix fits to neutron data using Bayes' equations. These updates are primarily related to portability on VMS with minor modifications to 2 Unix scripts. Users who have SAMMY-K1 and want the updates only may request that they be sent on a 1.44 DS/HD 3.5-in. diskette in DOS format. The documentation was updated with the publication of ORNL/TM-9179 Rev. 3, which was previously issued in draft form.

The system runs on the IBM RS/6000 and has been ported to DEC Alpha computers under both Open/VMS and OSF1 operating systems. SAMMY-K1 is transmitted in tar format on either a CD-ROM or cartridge tape. References: ORNL/TM-9179 (Aug. 1984), /R1 (July 1985), /R2 (June 1989), and Rev. 3 (Sept. 1996). Fortran 77; IBM RS/6000 and DEC (P00158/IRISC/03).

PSR-355/NJOY 94.61


Language: Fortran 77

Computers: many

Format: tar

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, contributed a newly frozen version of this code system for producing pointwise and multigroup cross sections from ENDF/B evaluated nuclear data, including ENDF/B-VI. The new version designated NJOY94.61 fixes problems which were found and corrected by updates 36-61, which involve changes to the acer, ccccr, errorr, groupr, matxsr, dtfr, heatr, gaspr, leapr, moder, njoy, reconr, and thermr modules.

The NJOY94.61 release is configured for UNIX. The test problem input files are UNIX shell scripts, and the test problem results are from runs on a Cray Y-MP8/4-64 running UNICOS. The code runs on Cray/UNICOS, Cray/CTSS, IBM, VAX/VMS, and Sun workstations and is transmitted on either 1 CD-ROM, DC 6150 (150 MB) cartridge, 4-mm, or 8-mm tape in tar format. The updates are available on one 1.44 DS/HD 3.5-in. diskette written in DOS format. Users who already have NJOY94 may request that the updates be sent on diskette. References: LA-12740-M (Oct. 1994). Fortran 77; Cray (CTSS & UNICOS), VAX/VMS, SUN/UNIX; IBM/AIX (P00355/MFMWS/03).



The following literature cited has been ordered for review, and that selected as suitable will be placed in the RSICC Information Storage and Retrieval Information System (SARIS). This early announcement is made as a service to the shielding community. Copies of the literature are not distributed by RSICC. They may generally be obtained from the author or from a documentation center such as the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Department of Commerce, Springfield, Virginia 22161. For literature listed as available from INIS contact INIS Clearinghouse, International Atomic Energy Agency, P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna.

RSICC maintains a microfiche file of the literature entered into SARIS, and duplicate copies of out-of-print reports may be available on request. Naturally, we cannot fill requests for literature which is copyrighted (such as books or journal articles) or whose distribution is restricted.

This literature is on order. It is not in our system. Please order from NTIS or other available source as indicated.

Radiation Shielding Literature

Nucl. Technol., 111, 305-318 . . . Confinement of the Radiological Source Term During Beyond-Design-Basis Events in Future Pressurized Water Reactors. . . . Kessler, G.; Kuczera, B.; Ehrhardt, J.; Henneges, G.; Scholtyssek, W.; Hans-Werner, W. . . . September 1995 . . . Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Nucl. Technol., 116, 257-260 . . . Exposure Buildup Factors of UO2 Using the Monte Carlo Method. . . . Bozkurt, A.; Tsoulfanidis, N. . . . November 1996 . . . University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO.

Nucl. Technol., 116, 173-179 . . . Core Performance of Fast Reactors for Actinide Recycling Using Metal, Nitride, and Oxide Fuels. . . . Yokoo, T.; Sasahara, A.; Inoue, T.; Kang, J.; Suzuki, A. . . . November 1996 . . . Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo, Japan; University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

Nucl. Technol., 116, 146-159 . . . A Formal Approach for Quantitative Treatment of Modeling Uncertainties in Safety Analysis. . . . Kwang-Il Ahn; Young-Ho Jin . . . November 1996 . . . Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon, Korea.

Dissertation . . . Development of a Continuous Energy Version of the Monte Carlo Code KENO V.a. . . . Dunn, M.E. . . . December 1996 . . . . . . . . . A Dissertation Presented for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

CRCPD Publication 96-4 . . . 28th Annual National Conference on Radiation Control. . . . . . . October 1996.

KEK Proceedings 96-4 . . . Radiation Detectors and Their Uses. . . . Miyajima, M.; Sasaki, S.; Iguchi, T.; Nakazawa, M.; eds. . . . July 1996 . . . National Laboratory for High Energy Physics, Ibaraki-ken, Japan . . . . . . Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Radiation Detectors and Their Users, January 23-25, 1996, KEK, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

LA-12808 . . . Nuclear Criticality Safety Guide. . . . Pruvost, N.L.; Paxton, H.C., eds. . . . September 1996 . . . Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM.

ORNL/TM-13313 . . . Assessment of the Available 233U Cross-Section Evaluations in the Calculation of Critical Benchmark Experiments. . . . Leal, L.C.; Wright, R.Q. . . . October 1996 . . . Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN .

Computer Codes Literature

ANL-RE/CP-86472; CONF-950904-10...............THIRMAL-1
Validation of the THIRMAL-1 Melt-Water Interaction Code. . . . Chu, C.C.; Sienicki, J.J.; Spencer, B.W. . . . 05/95 . . . US Department of Energy, Washington, DC; Argonne National Lab., Argonne, IL . . . OSTI; NTIS; GPO; INIS (mf only) . . . 7th International Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics; Saratoga, NY; 10-15 Sept 1995.

EZFLOW, A Quality Assured Intuitive Computer Code for Hydraulic Analysis of Pipe Networks. . . . Schohl, G.A.; Hubble, J.D.; Benton, D.J.; Bowman, C.F. . . . 1995 . . . Tennessee Valley Authority, Norris, TN . . . . . . International Joint Power Generation Conference and Exposition; Minneapolis, MN; 8-12 Oct 1995.

Implementation of Runtime Visualization for TOUGH2. . . . Yang, H.X.; Mishra, S. . . . 1996 . . . US Department of Energy, Washington, DC; INTERA, Inc., Las Vegas, NV . . . OSTI; NTIS; GPO; INIS (mf only) . . . International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference; Las Vegas, NV; 29 Apr - 3 May 1996.

INEL-96/00076; CONF-9603159-3..............................NODAL; RELAP5/MOD3.2
A Three-Dimensional Nodal Neutron Kinetics Capability for Relaps. . . . Judd, J.L.; Weaver, W.L. . . . 1996 . . . Idaho National Engineering Lab., Idaho Falls, ID . . . OSTI; NTIS; INIS; GPO . . . RELAP5 International Users Seminar; Dallas, TX; 17-21 Mar 1996.

INEL-96/0081; ITER/US-96/TE/SA-03...............MELCOR
MELCOR Aerosol Transport Module Modification for NSSR-1. . . . Merrill, B.J.; Hagrman, D.L. . . . 03/96 . . . US Department of Energy, Washington, DC; Lockheed Idaho Technologies Co., Idaho Falls, ID . . . OSTI; NTIS; GPO; INIS (mf only).

Educative Multi-Channel Analyzer Based on a Personal Computer. . . . Miramontes, L.G.; Trueba, V.L.; Flores, M.J. . . . 11/91 . . . Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexico . . . INIS (mf only) . . . In Spanish.

Validation of the ARIANNA-2 Code on the Basis of HDR V44 and T31.5 Tests. . . . Cerullo, N.; Manfredini, A.; Oriolo, F.; Paci, S. . . . 1990 . . . Genoa University, Italy . . . INIS (mf only) . . . Proceedings on the 2nd International Conference on Containment Design and Operation; Toronto, ON, Canada; 14-17 Oct 1990.

PKYGES, 72, 259-269...............GYROKINETIC
Parallelization of Gyrokinetic Particle Code and Its Application to International Kink Mode Simulation. . . . Naitou, Hiroshi; Sonoda, Takuya; Tokuda, Shinji; Decyk, V.K. . . . 03/96 . . . Yamaguchi University, Ube, Japan.

SAND-96-087C; CONF-9606135-1...............P3/THERMAL
Implementation and Verification of a Coupled Fire Model as a Thermal Boundary Condition Within P3/THERMAL. . . . Hensinger, D.M.; Gritzo, L.A.; Koski, J.A. . . . 1996 . . . Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM . . . OSTI; NTIS; GPO; INIS (mf only) . . . MacNeil Schwendler Corp. World Users Conference; Newport Beach, CA; 3-7 June 1996.

Verification of AZAIRQ. . . . Simpkins, A.A. . . . 10/95 . . . Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC . . . OSTI; NTIS: GPO; INIS (mf only).